Crow Thief

Handcrafted Men's Wear

Crow Thief
Handcrafted Men’s Wear

Crow Thief is simply the epiphany of high-quality clothing. Walking into the store I was greeted by the beautiful and talented Melissa, owner and designer of Crow Thief. She began to describe the journey of becoming a designer and what eventually led to the creation of Crow Thief, a custom menswear clothing store in South Park.

Crow Thief was established in 2008, currently located in a very prominent location in South Park. The intriguing shop can’t be missed while heading South on Fern Street, “Crow Thief” painted in large letters atop the building with “Custom Fit” and “Custom Design” rightfully painted on side windows. What began as a men and women’s clothing line turned solely into menswear as Melissa realized she was more enthusiastic about the future of mens clothing. Always producing nothing less than perfectly executed styles, Crow Thief is dedicated in providing quality fabrics and a memorable experience. Only limited quantities of each style are produced, giving a sense of exclusivity.

In 2011 CUSTOM CRAFTSMANSHIP was established, a division of Crow Thief where individuals can create their own designs from scratch. Customers pick their own fabrics/leathers, buttons, and details.

Looking to expand soon, Crow Thief is growing by the day with a long wait list for custom designs. For a man who wants to look perfectly fitted or for someone wanting to give an exclusive gift, Crow Thief is the place to visit. Please call for appointments or fittings.

Crow Thief     3009 Grape Street     San Diego, CA 92102     (619) 961-6210

Photos by Ever Esther

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