An oddly beautiful Lion

Belfort is the capital city of the smallest department of one of the smallest regions of France. The department only has about 150 000 inhabitants, and the city only counts about 50 000 inhabitants.
It is not famous, but there is one thing you have to know about it: on Belfort’s castle stands a monumental sculpture called the Lion of Belfort, made by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty in New York. It was built to symbolize the courage of the French people from this city, who resisted the 103-day Prussian assault of 1870-1871. The city  was protected from 40 000 ennemies by only 17 000 men. Belfort was the only city from Haut-Rhin and Alsace that remained French at that time. Here you can have a look at that famous monument: