Introducing: Philip Karlberg

Philip Karlberg, born 1973, is one of Sweden’s most talented and prominent still life and interior photographers. Over the years, he has gained extensive business experience, and he shares his time equally between editorial and commercial assignments.

His photos are characterized by a pristine, near-perfect quality that nevertheless retains a suggestive secrecy. Philip Karlberg’s visual ingenuity transforms a still life into a mystery, riddled with visual clues. His pictures often display a sheen of luxury combined with strong emotions, tense moods, and a visceral feeling of presence. The images entice the viewer to pause and search for the story hidden within.

Philip Karlberg is a productive photographer whose assignments take him all over the world. Among the commercial clients are Swarovski, Marc O’Polo, Kasthall and NK, who have worked with Philip for nearly 
ten years. Among the editorial clients are Plaza, Wallpaper, Tush, Dansk, and Residence.

While going through his portfolio on this was the series that struck me the most mainly because of the intricacy in the placement of the pins in order to give the images a character. I hope you find these as oddly beautiful as I did.

Johnny Depp in Armani glasses

Steve McQueen in Persol glasses

Lady Gaga in Yves Saint Laurent glasses


John Belushi in Ray Ban glasses

Jackie O in Burberry glasses

Karl Lagerfeldt in Dior Homme glasses