Light up!

I was looking for something to post and stumbled upon an invisible children blog and found this post. The intricacy in the light drawings is almost flawless and it gives a cartoonish feeling to each city picture. I attempted to reblog it but failed miserably by posting it in the wrong blog. Sorry!

Darius Twin‘s re-imagination of Los Angeles, CA combines elements of light painting and photography, bringing a new spin to what street art usually looks like. Using long-exposure photography to capture the intricate paintings, he recreates an everyday setting into something that makes you second-guess what is and isn’t real.

With the photos’ subjects only existing as the artist creates them and then disappearing to only exist on camera, the frames gain a surreal/creepy vibe that makes them even more intriguing. Since 2006, Darius Twin has been perfecting his skill and works within five to seven minute exposures.

Although the medium provides freedom to capture various settings along his travels, it also makes it that much harder: “With paint you can smudge, add colors to, and blend if you cross a line – Light as a medium, is less forgiving.”