How oddly beautiful would it be to live here?

Predjama Castle is located in  Slovenia and was first build to be a fort. Then, it was acquired and expanded by the Luegg noble family, also known as the Knights of Adelsberg (the German name of Postojna).

The castle became known as the seat of Knight Erazem Lueger (or Luegger), owner of the castle in 15th century. Story tellers say that he went broke and began to robe ships. He then would share his profits with the poor community; that’s right, Robin Hood of Slovenia!

Another oddly beautiful thing about Slovenia is the Lake Bled. It is a spectacular glacial lake formed during the Ice Age and offering breathtaking views and an altogether unique experience.

The Republic of Slovenia is situated between mountains and the sea, thus its climate varies over the year. The entire landscape is resumed, from Mediterranean along the coast to a diverse continental in the east.  The sun shines for roughly 2,000 hours throughout the year. And there is plenty of snow in the winter. Green is the dominant color. Furthermore, there are many woods and forests covering more than half of the country and numerous preserved and protected plant and animal species.

Lastly, The Republic of Slovenia is an oddly beautiful place where fantasy and reality meets, don’t you think?