Underwater creature

Esther snapped this oddly beautiful image of this underwater creature in the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. When she showed it to me an image of “The Little Mermaid” popped in my head… I know, I know, you’re probably thinking: seriously? “The Little Mermaid”? But give me a minute to explain.

While growing up I was always too much of a smart ass so I used to pretend to believe that anything I saw in Disney movies was absolute bull… And so I carried myself as a skeptical little girl, but let’s face it, ALL of us that had the “joy” of growing up to Disney movies always wished that we could find the odd creatures in the drawings, or am I alone on this?

So when Esther showed me this image, I can proudly admit that I immediately thought of “The Little Mermaid” and I chuckled. Because 23 years after the movie was released I can finally say “I have seen one of the Disney creatures” and that is what I call something Oddly Beautiful.