How Oddly-Beautiful would it be to live green in a comfortable home and not worry about electric and water bills for the rest of your Life?

Ah…, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. As a matter of fact, our planet could use some bright ideas from the great innovator Mike Reynolds, also known as the “Garbage Warrior.” He has been devoting more than three decades of his life to advance Earthship Biotecture. The ultimate goal behind Earthship Biotecture is to lessen waste materials and build green communities that are able to generate electricity, portable water, contain sewage treatment and sustainable food production. Reynolds started working on his idea in Taos, New Mexico, and according to him, Earthship communities can now be built in any part of the world! This amazing house belongs to him and you can find more details about how everything is done on his websites listed below. What did you think about living off the grid? (Details about Earthship Biotecture and how to get involved) (Garbage Warrior Movie)